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    Feyspeaker battlecaster build

    Opinions on this Feyspeaker
    Aasimar, neutral good
    +2 to dex & cha

    weapon proficienty marital, weapon focus longsword, weapon finesse, slashing grace, spell penetration, spell focus conjuration, augument summoning, spell specialization, superior summoning, wings, fencing grace......

    but I believe my druid aasimar won't get so many feats in the game? Could you guide me to the highest priority spells for main campaign?

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    At first glance, Long Swords seems inefficient to take as a Martial Weapon, and isn't compatible with Weapon Finesse (I may be mistaken as my experience is more on the D&D side), and idk if Slashing Grace & Fencing Grace play well together.

    Bigger picture, I'd be a bit reluctant to try and build a caster as a melee damage dealer with a 13 con, especially one without the heavier armors & shields. The stats really look like this should be a ranged attack caster vs one that looks like it really wants to be in the thick of melee.

    Maybe I'm overlooking some brilliant buff & item synergy that unlocks the builds potential, but it seems like a tiny needle to thread imho.

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    1.) You cannot take Fencing Grace without weapon focus Rapier; there is also no need to take it if you are not using a rapier since it only exists to get dex-to-damage for that weapon

    2.) Longswords are not finessable, so while you will get dex-to-damage you will still will be using strength to hit.

    3.) Feyspeakers are half bab classes, like Wizads, and are meant to be used as full casters and don't work as well as full casters. Stick to either vanilla or defender of the real world if you want to be a "battlecaster"
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    Regarding 2), PFKM's implementation of Slashing Grace does make weapons like Longsword finessable/use Dex to hit as well as damage.
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