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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratagemini View Post
    There are 4 Endings. You guys have only listed 2 endings. I'll list all 4 below. BE WARNED! This has Spoilers even for your own endings for stuff you haven't seen yet!
    Oh, makes sense that it has something to do with your alignment/choices. I was playing a nice CG character, so that's why I got my ending! Thanks for this information.

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    Interesting! Yeah I was LG and CG as well :) Thanks for the info.

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    Having finished the DLC, i want to thank the devs for this side story. I enjoyed it more than i expected i would.

    Loading my main game last save before the end, i was pleasantly surprised to find loot that would enter my A-Team gear, even though they were lv 17.

    I do think there should be an option to persuade the goblin merchant though. Having to buy in main game the gear earned during the side quest was uncool (but better than not having it at all).

    Suggestion: Change the NPCs to Crusader (melee tank), Ranger (archery) and Bard (high dex and max trickery). Wouldn´t be a complete overlap on Maegar/Cephal duo, and the player would probably remain with enough in the party to finish without being frustrated, even after the 2 NPC losses, regardless of what was made as MC.
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    Well for me i have never been to keen on dlcs were i have to start again as a new character or play as a premade character i would rather play as my main from kingmaker the main problem with dlcs is there are not that long so to make a new character just for a dlc is kinda pointless

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    Just finished Varnhold's Lot.

    It was well-made, but not my favorite kind of content.

    *Tie-in to the main game

    *The setup felt like an excuse to get you to Lostlarn Keep - which, maddeningly, turns out to be nothing more than a distraction. This would be OK as a part of a bigger story (of the same character), but on its own it fails for me.
    *Too much fighting. Halfway through Lostlarn Keep, all I wanted was to get to the end as fast as possible.
    *Pre-made companions leave something to be desired.
    *Important functions of the party are taken away if you don't plan for it in advance.

    Generally, I dislike dungeon crawls. They're ok as small part of a bigger plot but if they seem to the main "attraction" I usually avoid them.

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    ++ I simply loved the kinky and quite over the top romance answers. That was not only funny as hell but also totally in character for someone as Varn.

    ++ Also I did play though the dungeon only to see the dev-stream playthrough and noticed HOW MUCH I actually missed without even noticing it was there. Wow that a lot of hidden content! It certainly has a high replay value!

    ++ Lots of nasty surprises in the Lostlarn keep. Very nice for such a lower-level party. Loved it!

    -- I disliked the fact that you auto-move on the map even with fixed goals to reach and Varn in command, I would like to click myself and plan according to where I am. Just Varnhold, 2-3 marks on the road and the current quest you are heading too would be nice. That is still a forced route and thats fine, but with a tiny bit of self-control we can have despite not being the partys leader.

    -- Also we are missing on Monstrous Physique I-IV. So many roleplay opportunities in this DLC. :(

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    I really liked the dungeon crawl part, but that's usually one of my favorite part in games; I much prefer them to the open wilderness area maps. I've also enjoyed Maegar and the wizard's company, but at the same time, their voiced dialogues did make the other companions - who are completely silent - stand out in a negative way. Even a few of Baldur's Gate-like "one liners" would go a long way.

    I have only one minor pet peeve regarding combat: the cleric should start with boon companion, because the elk is more of a hindrance than help until you pick the feat yourself. The monk and ranger worked okay for me, but I've multiclassed them to give them sneak attack, and the wizard was very powerful.

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