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    Chris Avellone Adventure

    hello folks

    i've got the steam imperial pack
    Includes base game, Soundtrack, Digital Artbook, two in-game portraits, board game module, hi rez map, a red panda, and the Season Pass.

    i've found soundtracks, map, artbook ...

    but i can't find the board game module !!!

    i think it is the Chris Avellone adventure pack

    ?? do you know where it is hidden in the steam directory and the file name

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    Chris Avellone Adventure Module (Coming Soon) <= it is not yet ready. He is making it, it will take time because it have to go for Paizo and they give feedback => he have to make changes then send it again for Paizo who make feedback and in the end we have great module for P&P Pathfinder.

    So you are not missed anything, it is just not released yet. Chris have not been lazy either (first version were ready way back last year, I did check it) but these things take time and we do want "best game module possible" so.. :)

    Edit: I actually checked from my old post and:
    10-13-2018, 10:53 PM

    Last friday we had a developer Stream (twitch and Steam) with Chris Avellone and Arseny Deriglazov.
    Few things we get to know:
    - Chris have made first version of Pathfinder (P&P) adventure module. It was 32 pages long, "general" kind of adventure what you can use in your own/Golarion or some 3:rd party made world/settings.
    He get 13 pages (!!) feedback from Paizo, so it will take some time for him to make second version (what again will most likely get some pages from Paizo back for things to check and so on). So it will be released "when it is done".
    He have taken it well and is actually happy to see that Paizo really care for they product instead of "Hey it is Chris Avellone, what ever he will make will be great so we do not even care to check" kind of attitude.

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    Thanks Pathfinder

    good news: i did not fail my perception test...

    i can wait to get the ""best game module possible"

    it will be interesting to have a look at the first draft and paizo reply..

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