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    Beneath the stolen lands roguelike - I always find the wicked chanter

    I'm playing the beneath the stolen lands DLC as a standalone. As I understand it, each time you play with a new party you can find only one boss in the dungeon. So on my first run I ran into the wicked chanter. On my second, third and fourth run I already had the wicked chanter crossed off in the journal, but it still appeared again and again and again. I reported it as a bug, but other than that what can I do? I want to be able to progress the story.

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    It's not a bug - one of the four "mini" bosses spawn randomly in each run but I think there is a mechanic that's built in that reduces the chance to spawn the same boss again in the next run - you will eventually get different bosses.

    You also need to collect 4 unique items relating to each of the mini bosses (which drops off from random mobs) if you want to see the "true" ending. I got 1 item dropped per each run on average (sometimes I got 2 items and sometimes none in one run until I face one of the mini bosses).

    It took me 18 runs to kill all 4 bosses (I killed 3 bosses several times but I only saw Captor and Captive once) and collect 16 items (4 items each for 4 mini bosses).
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