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    I have Obtained, at minimal personal risk, an official FAQ as to Kingmaker Developments. Here's what it says:

    Will PF:KM be ported on consoles?
    -Yes, we are working on it at the moment. The final list of consoles and the release dates are not announced yet.

    When will you add my favourite class?
    -For now, new classes for PF: KM are not planned

    When there will be a new DLC?
    -For now, new DLCs for PF: KM are not planned. We will continue to support PF1 technically until the console release. Players should expect major tuning with the console version that will be also available on PC.

    When will the Chris' Avelone module released?
    -We're doing everything we can so it will be out during December. It is going through final stages of production now,

    When will I get my printed version of the module?
    -All backers will get digital copies of the module, there are no other options. Unfortunately, there was a typo in the descrition on the kickstarter main page (info on the detailed description page is correct)

    When will I be able to upgrade my edition of the game on GOG?
    -We are working on it right now. It will be added.

    When will I be able to upgrade my edition of the game on Steam?
    -Now! Here's your link to do so!
    I should note that regardless of Owlcat's official stance on Console Port disclosure Financial Disclosures by THQ Nordic state that the Console ports will be PS4, XB1, and Switch.
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    So I kinda felt nitpicking two things: First, Hell isn't at war with Abyss in Pathfinder, that is D&D thing(I think it was called blood war over there?). (gnome is still probably a hellknight because they fight against the chaos and it did seem like Owlcat wanted hellknight prestige class in Kingmaker)

    Secondly, that Balor's blade wasn't actually proof it was Wrath of the Righteous, just that it was a balor,multiple different balors have that kind of jagged blade. Noriznigath(Khorramzadeh's sword) DOES look like that, but that is because Noriznigath is essentially artifact version of normal balor style blade.(reason why its artifact is that Khorramzadeh beheaded nascent demon lord Noriznigath with it. Well to be accurate, its artifact because he has beheaded multiple powerful demons with it, but the first kill is most significant one for purposes of destroying the sword :p). That said, it was still good guess since I can't think of any other AP where a balor or demons in general are in big role, so right for wrong reason :D

    But yeah enough of nitpicking, I'm curious to see what NPCs they remove. I'd prefer them to not do that(It kinda bothered me in Kingmaker that they removed Garuum and Bog Striders and Fort Drelev and... I could go on for a while so I'll stop there), mostly because since Wrath is more linear than Kingmaker I don't really see point of removing npcs in favor of bringing in new npcs. But either way, I'm getting excited for this game :3

    Also I love they gave Storm King a lightning whip
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    Additional Info
    In an interview with the German Gamestar magazin they say that the first chapter is already finished
    Also that the Mythic paths will affect dialogue (peole won't like it when you become a lich),seite3.html
    in German

    Mark Moreland paizos franchise manager already talked mentioned in Reddit how Owlcat changed the AP so that you can be evil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Dragon95 View Post
    (peole won't like it when you become a lich)
    How rude of them! I tell ya necrophobes have become a real problem in Golarion's society as of late. It's about high time that the undead receive equal rights to that of the living.

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    I do find it ridiculous they made the LG ap evil friendly :p Ah well I hope that means certain lich is recruitable in late game

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    I still think the "white-haired gnome" is actually an elf with an elaborate headdress...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masky View Post
    I do find it ridiculous they made the LG ap evil friendly :p
    Evil was allowed in the PnP version also - good was the recommended alignment group though. And there are different reasons why evil characters could join the crusade against demonkind:

    Quote Originally Posted by myself
    Maybe you are lawful evil and despise the havoc demons cause. It's tough to build up structures like cults or empires if the beasts of chaos are on a permanent rampage. Maybe you are neutral evil and enjoy the completely legal killing of sentinent beings. Who cares whether it's demons or angels or humans, as long as their deaths make you feel less empty for a moment. Maybe you are chaotic evil and even descended from demons - as a tiefling, most likely. Then you are probably fed up with all the disadvantages in civilized society coming from your horns and tail - and all the rage in your blood. It's their fault, and they will pay for it!
    It feels a bit narcisstic to quote myself, but IMO the cause justifies it.

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    One scenario I could think of to justify evil characters to participate in the AP: scrupulous spellcasters/alchemists focusing in the field of demonology.

    Such folks may enter the crusade to get their hands on highly sought after parts of those fiends, for cheap. Their research may also include the immortality and eldritch knowledge that demons possess. Perhaps also ways to become demons themselves (there's already a mythic progression with an angel theme, so why not include one for demons as well? Fight fire with fire, so to speak). Yet another possibility is for them to enslave weaker ones to do their bidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konrad13 View Post
    I still think the "white-haired gnome" is actually an elf with an elaborate headdress...
    Me too, she looks quite tall for a gnome too..

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