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    Things we Know about The Sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker

    Okay, so there are three publicly available projects coming down the pipe from Owlcat. This is where I'm hoping to centralize information about them.

    They are in order of ETA: Under the Stolen Lands (DLC3), Console Ports, and Pathfinder 2. Also, An Enhanced Edition is coming too.

    So let's Discuss!

    EDITED: Removed DLC3 Information since DLC 3 is already out. Added More Info about Pathfinder 2.


    Console Ports

    * Looking at Financial documents from THC Nordic (which is Deep Silver's parent company and as a result is Kingmaker's publisher) I learned late last year that Console Ports were coming for PS4 and X-Box One. At the Big Deal Game Conference, Oleg the studio head announced that while dates are tentative, the port is expected either late 2019, or early 2020.
    * Devs have been working on the Port since either November or December. When their Dev Kits arrived. It seems extremely unlikely that work on the port will influence the quality of patches and other such fixes.
    * A suspicious survey arrived in April asking about Console Ports, Companion AI, and Turn-Based Modes.
    * UI usability improvements will be available in Enhanced Edition. and the UI is being adapted for the console release.


    Pathfinder 2

    * The sequel hasn't officially been announced yet but the anniversary Twitch Stream stated that an announcement was coming this year.
    * Tabletop Tuesdays have resumed at Owlcat Studios on a new AP. Everyone is playing the same AP. Tabletop Tuesdays were originally part of Owlcat Studios' work on Kingmaker as a way to develop new content for the game organically and to familiarize the devs with the characters and feel of the game. Resuming them with a new AP seems like a major indicator that Pathfinder 2 is in the works.
    * Owlcat hit certain milestones that triggered a Console Port by THC Nordic, this indicates that Kingmaker was a financial success and a new game is likely.
    * Oleg (the studio head) referenced thinking about their new project at Big Deal in a way that implied that there was in fact a new project.
    * K0tarsis continually answers questions on stream about whether there will be a new game with "I can tell you that Owlcat is doing well, and when a Game company is doing well, they are making new games."

    So what do we know about PF2?

    * Paizo has spoken out to say that Owlcat (and any other developers) will not be forced to upgrade to Pathfinder 2nd edition rules and can keep putting out games using 1st edition rules if they wish. Given the massive cost in iteration of a new engine and the fact that the 2E rules don't even exist in a final form yet, the next game will likely be based off the same engine and rules as Kingmaker.
    * What AP Owlcat is playing has not been disclosed, but since tabletop Tuesdays started back up in January, it is likely a fully published AP that was either finished or started before that date (i.e. Not Tyrant's grasp and probably not Return of the Runelords).
    * Given the Owlcat thought process about the need for a "Hook" to differentiate from games coasting in on nostalgia appeal (the Kingdom Building was Kingmaker's), it is likely an AP with an overarching system in a similar vein to Kingmaker.
    * Given Oleg's discussion of Kickstarter at Big Deal, it is likely that there will be another Kickstarter. News about this will probably not break until after the forum's are reformatted and DLC3 is released.
    * Given the issues that Owlcat had with physical Kickstarter rewards, it seems likely that Physical rewards for this next Kickstarter will be minimal.
    * It took half a year to go from absolute nothing to a vertical slice in Kingmaker's dev cycle. And another half a year to go from there to Kickstarter readiness. And then around half a year to get from there to Alpha 1. and 10 months in alpha to get to Beta. and 2 months to go from Beta to Full game. It seems likely, given that timeline, that we will get a Kickstarter this year.

    That's all I have so far. I'll keep this thread updated as I learn more.
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