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    Hell's Rebels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurningSheep View Post
    My impression is that computer games usually put you into a way more powerful position than pen & paper. Computer games let you live power fantasies (commander, mayor, emperor, monster, divine scion, battlefield whirlwind etc.) and you are the person that matters most. Pen & paper makes you work hard for your bare survival (at least at low levels and given a GM with traditional mindset) and you have to share the glory with your fellow players. No judgment intended, just stating impressions.
    I mean, Disco Elysium makes you an amnesiac alcoholic cop in a place where the police are a volunteer militia with no real power. And Fallout makes you a random dude in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Whether you're inherently important or you have a chance to become important is up for grabs. I don't think that's all that different from tabletop here.

    So, if you want an AP to appeal to computer gamers, the one with the highest power level has an edge: Wrath of the Righteous.

    Of course there are more arguments, but I would count the power level as a major one.
    Certainly power level was a consideration hinted at in the survey. So you may be onto something. But I don't think I agree with your reasoning.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pathfinder View Post
    Many enjoy allso "sims" things in these games. Build your own place to live for (may it be city, tavern, castle, tower or even cave), decorate it and use even hours to make little changes. So having central place to be, town or city to protect or so seem like an good idea. (Or your own ship, caravan or so...)
    The "Sims" APs with actual building inherent in the Pen and Paper AP? Not counting kingmaker are: Jade Regent (barely with the caravan system), Skull and Shackles (Be an actual Pirate Captain!), Hell's Rebels (run a rebellion!), Ironfang Invasion (Run a Guerilla war rebellion!), and Ruins of Azlant (Run a Colony!)

    If not for the fact that it's really Cthulhu heavy, and that the timing doesn't work, the recent release of Disco Elysium makes me want to play a "create your own identity" version of Strange Aeons. Complete with a broken brain/strange eldritch influences talking to you in your head. That would be pretty fun, I think.

    Quote Originally Posted by sentaiexpress View Post
    Fingers crossed for Crimson Throne, Iron Gods, or Carrion Crown.
    You're wrong, but I'd love Crimson Throne too. I wish you were Right though. I want Linzi's Voice Actress as Laori Vaos.

    Quote Originally Posted by Triordinant View Post
    Hell's Rebels.
    A reasonable deduction, and it was in the final list I had before settling on Wrath (Hell's Rebels, Wrath of the Righteous, Ironfang Invasion, and Curse of the Crimson Throne). But I'm pretty sure it's wrath given the clues from discord a couple months back.

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    Stratagemini, what discord server are you referring to?

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    A Wrath adaptation should be a good time. I just wish that I wasn't already halfway through the tabletop version, but chances are we'll be done well before the game comes out.

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    1,036 The Official Pathfinder: Kingmaker Discord Server.

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    Thanks for that.

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