My favourite build is 2H Fighter specialized in Falchions. A very common build, as its simple, effective and donīt cost an extra feat for exotic weaponry.

Almost anyone following this build will pick improved critical at lv8 and have no use for keen falchions (i never saw one appear before lv8).

And those who use this build are probably the majority of the Falchion users, as its a weapon that donīt get as much love as a greatsword or great axe, even by those who like big melee weapons.

So in a game with no crafting, making every Falchion with a special ability a keen one (beastrender, a mid-game weapon, being the only exception) is very frustrating. Almost seem like some dev has something against this build (and those who use it).

While modding lessen this pain, i donīt want to have to use a mod to fix the issue.

So, iīm asking. In the following DLCs, please treat the falchion as the other weapons and give it the full range of possibilities in special abilities.

Werenīt for the modders iīd have uninstalled the game the next time i was forced to keep a sub-par main weapon because the falchion i got was keen again.