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    I love this game, but I really hate the AI.

    Some of the more annoying examples:

    1. You identify a trap, your players path into it anyway.

    2. A character gets knocked down, they don't use Mobility (Acrobatics) attempting to get back up to avoid the AoO.

    3. A ranged character gets attacked, they don't swap to a melee weapon set (if available) to avoid the AoO.

    4. You are a ranged spell caster with a 0 level ranged attack set to default, your character charges to melee when you click on an enemy.

    5a. Characters will actively block other characters rather than shifting to allow them through.

    5b. Blocked characters will keep moving in and out of threat range attempting to path provoking AoO rather than stopping and wait for it to clear.

    6. Summoned creatures will AoE your own party to hit an enemy. Can't tell you how many times I ate a lightning bolt from my summoned creatures.

    This doesn't even get into the lack of AI scripting that most modern MMOs have given over the years for more advanced things, like AI spell selection and potion usage.

    So, if any Dev's are looking for QoL improvement ideas ... ;)
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    Agreed. It would be nice to have even something as the "ease of use" ai mod for Baldur's Gate. Not having to babysit a character through every little action would make combat more interesting, as you could focus on the more tactical aspects.

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    These ARE the tactical aspects
    Many of the OPs issues are resolved by setting pause on trap detection etc.
    Characters with highest skill try to open locks disarm traps, etc.

    To expect another character to move for another character's movement?
    Is the first character incorporeal?

    Turn OFF character AI and use your brain...

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