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    Er... I would like you to quote the rules here. I couldn't find it myself. My Core rulebook says, in the skill section for Perception :

    "Try again : Yes. You can try to sense something you missed the first time, so long as the stimulus is still present."
    Uh-oh. Yes, you're right. When I asked InanKy, one of the game designers who's been my GM for a while, why this hasn't come up during our pnp-sessions, he said we simply haven't run into a situation where this would be relevant during the campaign. Then again, I might have simply forgotten about this.

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    This is a little meta in this game. You have to know that there is a secret door or trap to know to look for it.

    That being said, there are some places that feel like they should contain a trap or secret, and it would be nice to hit a "stand here for 5 minutes checking every inch of the wall" button. If this is implemented, there should definitely be a time penalty; maybe not real-time, but in-game time (fatigue, spell timers, etc.)

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