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    New Free DLC - "Arcane Unleashed"!

    Hey folks,

    today we've released a new free DLC for all of our favorite people - and that's you, our players, of course!

    It has new spells, many of them based around the Create Pit mechanic. It adds an arcane scroll merchant to the main square of your capital. It improves the way some of the dragon types look. But, most importantly, it features a new pet - a cat called Tiger.

    Stratagemini, one of our players and our friend, has lost his pet cat Tiger mere weeks before we hit release. Most of you, undoubtedly, know Strat - he's been with us through thick and thin, becoming a vital part of the community as soon as anyone outside the team knew that we're making a Pathfinder game. We wouldn't get anywhere without the support of our players, and to show our gratitude, we've decided to get some photos and make Tiger a part of the game. This shows some of the work we did on that:

    Hope you all like the news. You can read more about the DLC on its Steam page. Or you could also just download it, you know. It's free :)
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