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    Awww cute kitty pet :D

    Thank you Owlcat Games for taking all our feedback seriously and continuing to improve the game!! :D

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    Thanks for Tiger ... I love him!!!

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    I have a pet cat named Tiger in RL. I´m so happy with this new DLC :)

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    Where is this new merchant ? I'm sure I have the DLC (I found the new pet in my stash) but I didn't found any new merchant in my town square.

    I'm only mid-game (early chapter 4) in this playthrough so I reload an older playthrough save (mid-chapter 6) and still no merchant

    Also, just a comment : it would be nice when buying scroll to have some way to check if the wizard you select know the spell or not
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    delete post
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    Either by Jubilost or Octavia/Reg in the town square is where you find the merchant.

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