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    Quote Originally Posted by Grifta View Post
    Why is there a Red Mantis Assassin creating a settlement in the Stolen Lands? Or a Hellknight building a kingdom that isn't even on the way to the worldwound?

    These don't really fit with the theme of the game, so why spend time shoehorning it in? Everything cost money, and this is a terrible ROI that adds very little to the game mechanically, and basically nothing thematically.

    Also, Rage Prophet would need Oracle.

    Just Mechanically; Master Spy is a completely useless class in this game. Only 3 of the 15 abilities actually do anything, and 2 of those are sneak attacks. The last one is a reaction to mind effecting which coves maybe 0.01% of the situations in the game.

    I'm just suggesting that you consider the cost/return of the additions you're suggesting. When you say "missing" you're saying that devs fucked up by not including it. I think that they looked at all of the prestige classes and specifically picked the ones that support the theme and mechanics of the game.
    I am not saying the devs fucked up owlcat has put a lot of stuff into kingmaker but there is a limit to how much you can put into the main game that's why we have dlcs

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    I want to have a Technomancer prestige class but they would also need the Technologist class to make it I think. Owlcat should have added this when they added the Technic League in the game.

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    They're only part of 1 quest in the first chapter, and 1 later on. There's also absolutely no tie to technology in this AP. The only thing that you would get from that prestige class would be the minor skill bonuses unless they added an enormous pile of completely out of place content.

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