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    honestly, for the AI issues, I believe that incorporating macros such as in dragon age origins (DA inquisition is one of the poorest AI management I've ever seen in my entire life) would solve most problems for the less efforts required.

    pathfinding during combat is a problem as well, but it is so in every RTWP crpg game.

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    Instead of enter
    This brings up an english version of survey except for the last page

    orrrr, it did before, not sure why this doesn't work now
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    Thanks for trying, Zodoz - and everyone for pointing out the language problems! The person making the survey was new to SruveyMonkey, so they messed up a few things. We'll try to do better next time!

    And, of course, thank you very much for taking the time and completing this pretty lengthy survey! Thanks to your input, we now have a ton of info to work with and to make better, more informed decisions. You people are great :D

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    The only thing i can think that needs more work in pathfinder kingmaker is the familiars in pathfinder familiars are supposed to help you in combat like casting spells

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    If this means turn based combat is coming i will be so happy.

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    I can't seem to take the survey and it's in Russian. How can I take it?

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    A new survey!
    There is such a deep connection between RPGs and dungeons, that sometimes it seems there couldn't be an RPG without one. There are many dungeons in the Pathfinder: Kingmaker (even an endless one in DLC!) and we want to know your opinion about them:

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    Done and done.

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    Done as well! Perhaps you should post this on a separate thread? Not sure how many people will notice that the new survey is out.

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