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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandPoobah View Post
    You can make a lot of money selling those Soul Jars.
    Also, Vordakai is a great Advisor....
    Lord sidious, is that you? stop tempting me into the dark side

    although I've split my main campaign in a crucial point where I now have a good-aligned playthrough and evil-aligned playthrough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k0tarsis View Post
    For every advisor slot, there are 3 characters in the game that could take the post: one good, one neutral, one evil. The advisor will most often want you to pick the correspoding solution: good, neutral or evil.
    However, some npcs cover several roles, which in practice means if you take NPC-X for advisor role Y, you might not have an evil advisor to cover role Z, because you've already assigned him to Y. I've found it's easy to lock yourself out of certain advisors when you play for the first time and have no metagaming knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k0tarsis View Post
    If you want to throw them a favor, you should act in the way that they advised you. If you tell them "just take care of it yourself", it has the same effect.
    I didn't realize that; I thought the "handle it yourself" got a negative reaction.

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