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    South Narlmarches region upgrade.. How to unlock?

    Thousand Voices and Pitax are the only regions I don't control and all the others I have save South Narlmarches, have the region upgrades. I've checked and I believe I've revealed all areas around there and have completed the quests for the region.

    According to:

    The upgrades rely on:

    1. Bronzeshield Fortress - Did not invite Hargulka or Tartuk to the barony. So you can do "Restoration of the Road of Shields"

    I killed Harlgulka, invited Tartuk. However, I also did get and complete "Restoration of the Road of Shields" quite awhile ago. Some Dwarf guy came and asked me to do it.

    2. The Magic of Candlemere Tower - Clear Candlemere Tower

    I did clear the area, left the Wizard alive after he vowed to guard the portal to make up for his sins (though he was later killed offscreen after the Vordekai incident)

    I also completed the curse researches for both Tartuk and Candlemere. I also found a number of other posts online asking about this issue with no resolutions.

    So, without being able to do either of those I am unable to advance the quest "Region Upgrade." Does anyone know of a way I can deal with this? Any console commands or save edits or something?
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    Alrighty then

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