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    Organized Feedback for the Devs

    Hi Owlcat,

    Pushing 70 hours (where did the time go?). I am loving this game, its one of my favorite games in a long time. You can really feel all the love that went into it. I've never played Pathfinder but I love RPGs and other tabletop games.

    I have organized some feedback as I play. Some things to think about in future patches or for future development:

    Basic Stuff:
    - Most of looting is combing through junk to see what is mastercrafted. Adding some kind of icon to a mastercrafted item would save a lot of tedium. Something like a little diamond icon in the corner would go a long way.

    - There is about a half second delay before the tooltip opens up when you mouse over an item - this pause slows down reviewing loot - It would be much nicer if it was instant. (This is mainly when combing through loot looking for mastercrafted items, so it would not be as much of an issue if they had an identifying icon).

    - When using the circular icons to exit an area, I don't know if I'm entering a new area or exiting the area. You have to click the map and mouseover to see. It would be nice if there was a mouseover tooltip on the main screen.

    - There is a lot of story terms that you can learn more about during the dialogue, but then they disappear. It would be nice if there was a "Story Terms" section of the encyclopedia where I can read more about the people and places in the story.

    - Identifying enemies/monsters is a big part of this kind of game, but it's really hard to see (the note in the combat log). I wish there was an easier way to identify the enemies you are attacking to form a better battle plan.It would be nice if there was a way to pre-identify your enemy. It would also be nice if the bestiary updated with details of the enemy/monster stats.

    - You might make a dexterous fighter or a robed mage which benefits from no armor, but then you miss out on all the fun of equipping new armors. It would be nice if there were basic clothing options from the start - basic clothing and robes you could buy to customize these kind of chars.

    - Mages generally equip ranged weapons but this does not seem very thematic. It would be nice if there were more weapon options that benefit mages who would never want to physically attack (staves come to mind). The only thing I've seen so far is a dagger that grants a +3 dodge bonus. It would be nice if there was more of these kinds of options for mages.

    - It would be nice if there were options to show or hide helmets, cloaks and backpacks to customize your look more.

    - You have to toggle "Show Location Names" on the world map to see old places featuring new events. If there is a new event in an area, that area should be highlighted even without showing location names.

    - Its hard to understand what areas are in your kingdom. It would be nice if the world map showed clearly defined kingdom borders.

    - Your 'shared stash' of items is very useful, but must be sorted manually. It would be nice if it had the same sorting options as your inventory.

    - Dealing with certain negative status effects is a nightmare, especially those which must be removed one at a time with restoration. This can lead to having to spend a great amount of time moving in and out of areas and resting over and over so you can recharge restoration in order to remove effects one point at a time. The best alternative is to change the difficulty so you can remove effects by resting, but this feels like 'cheating'. Personally I think the Clerics in town should offer to clear all negatives effects for a reasonable fee, rather than the tedium of removing them manually.

    Major Stuff

    One of the biggest complaints about this game is the slow walk speed, exacerbated by the stacking penalties. I've read a lot of complaints about this and it's hard to deny this is very tedious. A lot of developers try to emphasize walking around for realism but the fact is that walking from place to place is just not fun and never makes an enjoyable game. Kingmaker is the kind of game where you have to walk away from a tough area and come back later - that's just not fun when it takes so long to leave and come back.The slow combat speed is perfect but outside of combat this game could really benefit from a complete re-haul of the walking system, and/or the addition of a fast forward button outside of combat.

    The main core of this game is the chars, the 6 people you choose to adventure with. Naturally you are going to want to go with the named companions you meet on your journey in order to get the most out of the story. Unfortunately some of the biggest core problems with this game surround the companions.

    There is a lot of talk about how people don't like the companion personalities - I completely disagree. I think the companions are unique and interesting. I don't love every one but different people are going to like different things. For example I don't love Amiri, but a strong female player might appreciate a strong female character. A female barbarian is also unique compared to the male ones you see in every other game. So I appreciate her character in the game. I was pleasantly surprised with the chars given all the negative feedback I had heard online. I feel like the char bashing is pretty ignorant, this game has a lot of interesting stories and lore if you delve into it - it seems like people just took the chars at face value and complained without looking any deeper.

    More the problem I have with the characters are their classes and their stats. Kingmaker is a very difficult game, and the base stats of many of the companions are quite poor. There is also problems with compatibility; making a 2H specialist locked me out of Amiri and Jaethal; they just don't fit well in my party now. These problems are fine on easy difficulties but if you want a challenge you are going to have to stick with only a few companions which are the most optimized.

    Here is one example; Harrim is a cleric with channel positive energy which is essential for healing, but his charisma is only 10. This makes him terribly un-optimized even when trying to fix him with gear. Another thing is his portrait shows him in heavy armor with a flail - neither of which he can equip without spending key feats.

    Bottom line, you should be able to have some degree of customization for your companions, most especially in the harder difficulty. It would be awesome if you got to level them when you met them instead of being stuck with their base stats. For example I found Valerie very boring, but I used a mod to re-spec her into an Aldori Defender, and shes like my favorite char now.

    Lastly, if you do want to hire a mercenary, they suffer a massive handicap of only 20 Ability Score. Personally I feel this should be 25 so you can make a decent character if you need to. If nothing else, you could ditch the companions in harder difficulties this way. Its also important if you want to add something like a Paladin, Monk or Druid to your party without a handicap.

    With a game as complex as this, you need a respec option, especially in easier difficulties, when you are trying to figure the game out. Without respec you might pick something that doesn't work the way you expected and then you are in absolute misery for the rest of the game, causing you to not want to keep playing. If people get frustrated and quit, then they wont recommend the game, and they wont buy any DLC or sequels.

    Personally- I'm playing the game with respec and movement mods, and have been really enjoying it. I read a lot of reviews of people who got stuck on some of these things and let their frustration snowball. I think this game has a lot of brilliance so I hate to see it lose potential because of these things. Its probably not going to be an option to add mods to a console version, so hopefully some of these speed bumps are worked out before then.

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