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    Physical Backer Reward Damage

    Not sure where to post this, I sent a support ticket. All I got from a support ticket was this message:

    "Hello we are very sorry for your inconvenience, we will replace your defected box some later."

    This was over a month ago. The only thing that got damaged was the box of my physical backer reward - the corners are crushed in/torn and all I'm asking for is a replacement box that I can put on display.

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    So what am I supposed to do ?

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    Hi there bonebrah! Sorry for the delayed answer, I just came back from a 2 week holiday in Kazakhstan. Horses are very fun!

    As for your box, please, try reminding the people over at of your problem. You have already sent photos and a description of the damage, right?

    I do have to warn you that we don't have an infinite supply of replacements left, though, so we have to prioritize the more severe cases. Just fyi. I hope they do find a replacement for you too :)

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