For me its wrath of the righteous but the same mythic abilities that I'm interested in would be a major pain to code or balance and most of my favorites (immortality, sustenance, sanctum) wouldn't be of interest as a game option. That said another favorite of mine is Jade Reagent as I like the journey to the east theme in fact I've kind of wished I had time to for my own entertainment do a solo WotR followed by JR campagin for myself. Rise up as a immortal being then journey to the east actually enjoying those abilities.

On the other hand I can see an argument against the runelords series of AP's because they're chained (Rise of the Runelord, Shattered Star, possibly ruins of Atzlant and Return of the Runelords) so unless you could import major game choices it'd sort of leave me a bit unfufilled if everything my character did in one AP wasn't part of the next even though they're set in the same world.

Ah well I'll have to keep an eye out for the next one as while there's been a few things I'm not a fan of (time issues for example) I have enjoyed it more than enough buy their next one.