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    How is Pathfinder at the moment?


    Please don't throw rotten tomatoes my way!

    The only game I ever bought on release was Deadfire. And that, also, will be the last game I'll ever will buy on release, as well. It had it share of... things.

    I purposefully stayed away from Pathfinder, not watching any reviews or reading anything about the game, but I did learn that it was a very unstable release.

    Have those issues been largely resolved?


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    Yes. I cleared both the main story and DLC2 side quest.
    All major issues were resolved months ago.
    The patches and hot-fixes are solving minor stuff these days.

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    Yep. It's been so far so good without any hiccups. And I'm now running my game with mods (appearance/change class outfit. While I ADORE being alchemist, I detest their original uniform XD sorry designers. It just doesn't click with me), Respecialization mod (make jubilost a bomber and the 'nth time I change my class/alignment coz I can't make up my mind). And I'm about to reach end game.

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    As others have mentioned, Kingmaker has been stable for a while now, good time to jump right in! :)

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    And check out nexus mods because the bag of tricks and fast travel mods are amazing!

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    Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

    Are there any decent mods to be on the lookout for?

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    there's the arcana one by Elmindra. Adds Oracle.

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    Respecialization mod.
    This mod is my best friend. Allows you to change your MC's and companions class mid game (I change Jubilost to a bomber. Lost count how many times I change my MC's build because I kept making mistakes/being undecisive)

    Visual Adjustments
    You can hide/show some of the gears you're wearing (I always hide helmets)

    Kingdom Resolution Mod
    If you wanna know what Kingdom event is going to pop up next. It also allows you to fiddle with the time required to finish / rewards for sorting out kingdom problems.

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