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    talon peak roc egg

    is there a puzzle on this map ?

    ok there is a lever at the nest that open a secondary exit near the nest

    but in the N-W corner there are 4 hidden stones on the walls
    1 that make a "click"
    3 that make "thud"

    i can't see what is their purpose
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    There are indeed several things on this map.

    -The switch puzzle is for a secret room. find the one that clicks if you get a thud -> it resets all the others and you have to start again.

    -The Roc egg is for a quest in act 3

    -The exit is probably for convienience, since I had to return like 4 times to talons peak over the game. Several quests have a station there. So they made the exit to skip the slopes at least on the way downward again I guess.

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