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Thread: Claw based DD

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    Claw based DD

    Hello, I'm new to the game and not familiar with Pathfinder, so my idea can be very stupid (I found no such builds in the net).
    The idea is to get character with permanent claws. (say, a draconian)

    So, basically it's STR 17, INT12, CHA16 tiefling (shackleborn). (All spoints go to STR)
    1. Vivisectionist x4 (Feral mutagen + Preserve organs)
    2. Sorcerer x1
    3. DD x10
    4. Probably the game is finished here ? Can't imagine what to do next, maybe put rest to fighter with Natural expertise ?

    Spells are for buff, vivisectionist has additional Enlarge person.
    I know, this is definitely not min-max build, but does it work or complete disaster ?
    If class is playable, I'll think about feats :)
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