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Thread: Claw based DD

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    Claw based DD

    Hello, I'm new to the game and not familiar with Pathfinder, so my idea can be very stupid (I found no such builds in the net).
    The idea is to get character with permanent claws. (say, a draconian)

    So, basically it's STR 17, INT12, CHA16 tiefling (shackleborn). (All spoints go to STR)
    1. Vivisectionist x4 (Feral mutagen + Preserve organs)
    2. Sorcerer x1
    3. DD x10
    4. Probably the game is finished here ? Can't imagine what to do next, maybe put rest to fighter with Natural expertise ?

    Spells are for buff, vivisectionist has additional Enlarge person.
    I know, this is definitely not min-max build, but does it work or complete disaster ?
    If class is playable, I'll think about feats :)
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    I don't see any option to get really permanent claws in the game, so your class combination seems to be pretty much perfect already. Maybe replace 2 levels of alchemist by 2 level of barbarian, for another short-time source of claws (lesser beast totem, maybe animal fury via Extra Rage Power) and various melee boosts (hitpoints, rage, big weapons as backup).

    I wouldn't worry about level 16+ now. The game ends at level 17, 18 or later, granted - but by then, you will have figured out what class you want to level further.

    Alchemist claws last for 10 minutes per class level - which is usually long enough for an area, even if it's "just" 20 minutes. Activate them at the beginning of a big area, and use the pause function if you go away from the game for a longer period of time. Mutagen works only once per day for the computer game, so you need something else for the other areas.

    Draconian claws last for a few rounds only. You can squeeze a few more out of it with increased CHA, but it's still just enough for one to three battles or so. They are perfectly suited for random encounters (which are settled within a few rounds, usually) or small regular areas with only one or two encounters.

    If you go for barbarian, its claws cover a few more short battles. You can prolong your daily rage with the Extra Rage feat, but it's probably not worth it.

    At level 12, you will get dragon form from the DD, which is another source of draconian claws.


    Make sure you pick up the amulets that boost your natural attack bonus and damage. Don't try to tank, you are mostly a damage dealer. Let the tank NPC wade into battle, maybe use the time to cast a buff, then join the fight and claw them all. Have fun!

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    Probably go all Alchemist - as the best way to maintain claws over time is with the Mutagen, which is 10min/level (at 14th level it is hours/level, so always on effectively). Plus alchemist has lots of good buffs as you level.

    Admittedly, most dungeons and maps you'll go 20-90 minutes without resting, so you could level dip more into something else

    Everything else is rounds, while some power is active (rage for barbarian, dragon claws for sorceror)

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    +1 vote for the Alchemist's Vivisection class.. (dump bombs in favour of sneak attack). It has feral mutagen and with greater mutagen adds both Dex and Str in one shot at the expense of wis & cha (irc).

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