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    Finished a great game, one thing leaves a bitter aftertaste ( Spoilers! )

    Hi Guys.
    Finished the game for the first time and i have to say i was very pleased with it. I think its a great game with very much replay value.
    I liked the characters, think they are very well written. Also the choices you make made an impact on the ending slides.
    However speaking of characters and choices there was one thing that made a dent to my overall impression.
    And that's the "death" of Linzi.
    After i finished my game i googled a bit and found out that actually every companion can die somehow or be removed from the party depending on your choices in their quest. Which is totally fine. ( lost Jaethal that way )
    However only Linzi has a story death which can't be avoided no matter what.
    Considering that all other companions can survive and rejoin the party this felt a bit cheap. Like a death for the sake of having a death.
    I assume that was done to stir emotions in the player ( in case they were invested in the character at all ).
    This might work if you play the game for the first time. However overall it has more negative effects from my point of view.
    First of all it can increase the overall difficulty for new players, who made Linzi a fixed part of their party.
    It's unlikely they changed their party often and learned how to play the other classes. Also it's not likely they geared them up properly and that the gear that Linzi carried will be of any use for their other chars. And this happens during the most difficult part of the game.
    Also after experiencing Linzi's departure players might reconsider if bringing her along in future PTs might be even worth it.
    I mean you can make a Bard NPC to replace her. But than again why not doing it from the start and make a Bard NPC with better stats? This actually diminishes her value for the game as a party member.
    Don't know what other players think of this but i would like to see an option to either avoid her "death" or to have an option to bring her back to life.( returning her soul from the book in to her body )
    Both options would be actually a good opportunity for a DLC.
    The "avoid death" options could consists of side activities during the previous chapters to upgrade her ring to save her from death. Maybe some hidden content, which wouldn't be to obvious or hard to complete.
    The "bring to life" option would be some kind of resurrection ritual. This would surely prolong the end content a bit and bring more variety.
    This is at least my opinion.
    Anyway keep up the good work, and sorry for the long post.
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