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    Nixies in the second room of the dungeon...

    I posted this at the steam forums as well, but I want to post it here as well so there is a higher chance a developer sees it.

    So I'm playing Beneath The Stolen Lands as a Aasimar Monk in a solo run. This monk is a dex based monk with 9 STR meaning I do 1-5 (1d6-1) damage. In the second room of the dungeon I'm facing a Nixie that has DR 5 meaning I can't damage her. But she only spams Touch of Acid that does 1d4 Acid against my Acid resistance so she can't hurt me either so the fight never ends.
    I get that the dungeons are random but having to restart everytime I encounter a Nixie is stupid... If I had progressed a little more then I could probably buy some times to deal with her but not right at level one...

    So would it be possible not to have DR 5 enemies in the first floor of the dungeon?

    Edit: There is also no Cold Iron weapon for sale in the shops...
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    The game isn't meant to Solo. A party with a Wizard could Bypass her DR with Jolt, Acid Splash or ray of frost.

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    Soloing significantly narrows down the possible choices - you have to cover everything, starting at level 1. This includes damage reduction. Ok, sometimes campaigns have kids gloves on at level 1 (and maybe 2), but that's likely not the case for the dungeon.

    I'd go with Str 12 instead of 9 - it solves the problem, has a few small benefits (carrying capacity, combat maneuver defense, a few skill checks) and is inexpensive. Still there is no guarantee a monk will make it to level 20 without companions. I tried soloing the original campaign with a monk, actually - and I stopped at level 13 (or so), because I only had access to lower level items.

    Good luck, whether you still want to go solo or try with companions first.

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    You have a lot of money with you since you did not spend 1500 on companions. You can use them to buy potions, alchemist's fires, and acid flasks.

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    Another trick is just don't fight them. Stealth and just plain running away can help a lot.

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