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    Vordakai's Tomb: ONE immortal Soul Eater.

    I am unable to figure out how to kill the very last soul eater in the 'big soul eater battle' in Vordakai's tomb

    When I approach the purple soul eater awaiting your characters in Vordakai's tomb, it first spawns three new soul eaters, one for each character I specifically named to the raven (in my case: Valerie, Harrim and my protagonist). Having defeated those, another six spawn. Now the first soul eater also joins in. I can kill the six new ones, but not the first. It is untargettable, cannot be hurt by AoE-spells or -abilities, and can kill my entire party simply by outlasting it.

    I am at a loss. Looking for threads concerning this issue always lead to threads either posted by people unfamiliar with the process of the soul eaters naming your characters, of having trouble defeating such a large group of soul eaters. There's nothing on this specific issue.

    I fear I'm either missing something, or have encountered a bug. Any insight would be appreciated!

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    Does anyone have an idea, or can this be looked into, please? I cannot proceed currently. It is - at least to me - completely game-breaking. I am stuck in Vordakai's tomb. No way out, no way forward. The last Soul Eater is unkillable.

    Edit: just found out this bug is happening to others too (as posted on the steam forums).
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