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    Game keeps re-downloading update

    So I am trying to download under the stolen lands dlc... It's a 22 GB download...It will download and the game will advise that it's installing and then it will start downloading the update again...It has done this three times so far.

    I have 60 GB free on my hard drive so I am at a loss as to what I can do to fix it...

    This game has proven time and time again to be a bugfest but does anyone know of a workaround.

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    Uninstalled the game...will let it redownload overnight...if that doesn't fix it well I guess that's save me some disc space

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    Are you on Steam or GoG? and did you update on June 6th? or not until June 8th?

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    Stolen Lands
    If you are using GoG you can try to delete game, load files and install it for youself even using another HD/SSD or USB drive (yes, I know it is slower, but it will be WAY faster then constant re-download update in loop).

    EDIT: BTW only your maindisk need to be fast (SSD), I have:
    Kingston 512Gb SSDNow kc400, Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1Tb 2.5", Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green 64MB SATA3, Western Digital Caviar 200GB 8MB SATA

    First one have user system + some most used programs (relatively fast SSD), that 2Tb slow HD have games (yes, even Pathfinder Kingmaker and it is quite fast), 200Gb old HD have my music and 1Tb HD some other stuff and copies I take from important stuff (naturally they are allso somewhere else but that is beside the point).

    Anyway, game will be quite fast even if you do not install it for SSD, it will still install SOME files for SSD so...
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    I started the download three days ago. I am on steam.

    And I am installing it on the SSD. I'll see how it goes overnight as Australia has not great internet.

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