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    Can't start DLCs on GOG.

    Finally bought the season pass on GOG, installed all the dlcs, but apparently the game is not registering it. I can't start Varnhold's Lot or BtSL, and if I start a new game in the main campaign I can't play a kineticist. Tried verifying files, uninstalling/reinstalling the single DLC, but still no luck. Any idea?

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    Try to choose these DLC's.
    What I mean is: go for: Pathfinder Kingmaker => More => Settings => DLCs
    Check if you have "v" checked in every box you can see (for me 10 DLCs)

    After you have checked that one try to go top of the "Pathfinder: Kingmaker" in your GoG Galaxy 1.2.57 and press right mouse button (or just from "More" like previous) and head for => Manage Installation => Verify / Repair

    Now it should work OK (after it have verified / repaired all installed files)

    And for sidenote.. ..make sure that you do NOT have any mods installed. AFTER your game work 100% ok you might consider adding any mods, not before.
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