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    Giving it another try

    I was so disappointed in the game after release I uninstalled and left it be for months. But recently I checked in and it looks like a lot of the bugs are better. The kingdom management seems slightly improved from what I've read, but probably still too much of a pain to want to budget with. And I'm not happy that they never bothered to either implement a core difficulty, or provide better documentation of the mechanical aspects of the various settings for us to do so ourselves (no, the community puzzling it out =/= them providing documentation).

    So while I am still disappointed with the studio enough to write off preorders or supporting future crowdfunding, I am willing to give the game another try.

    I'm going to play with a custom merc party of 4 or 5, and would appreciate feedback and advice on my choices.

    1. 16 mad dog/4 thug. 2h weapons, Smilodon for maximum attacks with flanking. Undecided race.

    2. Herald Caller x/either fighter 1 or Paladin 2. 1h weapon and shield, summons, healing, animal domain with Dog. Archon aasimar.

    3. VV1, Wizard X, Arcane Trickster 10. Self explanatory, I think. Probably an elf.

    4. Ranger X, VV1. Archer, dog or wolf for tripping. Garuda aasimar.

    5. Undecided. Considering making this MC. Debating between Monster Tactician or Paladin 2, Sorc 1, Scaled fist 1, Arcane Scoundrel, Eldritch Knight or Trickster.

    Any constructive input would be appreciated.

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    From what i remember, given thats when i finished, the game had only minor bugs after the 1.1 patch in mid-december.
    So a 2nd try is surely a good idea.
    The 2.0 Enhanced Edition has lots of improvements even over said 1.1 build, and is currently very smooth.

    Regarding your party.
    Go with a party of 6 if you plan to play on normal or harder.
    1. I don´t think the BBA loss is worth what 4 levels of thug give. I´d go full mad dog (or change it for 2h fighter)
    2. I suggest going with regular cleric (or crusader if you must) and healing domain. As the party only healer, it should be really good on it. And there are enough buffs in the spell list to make it a good tank.
    5. Consider a few levels of bard (or full bard). The song bonus often stack with everything.

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    I suppose if archaeologist luck gets +rounds as it levels up and works with lingering song that might be a good fit.

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    The bugs are nearly all ironed out so it's a good time to give PK another try.

    Sacred huntsman has great synergies with mad dog barb so you might consider three sacred huntsman levels rather than four thug levels.

    For the herald caller, I'm not sure a warrior splash is worthwhile. It won't give you much extra melee DPS but will permanently delay your access to higher-level summoning spells which you want to be reaching ASAP. Moreover you ideally want your summoner replenishing the frontline as-needed with fresh summons rather than manning the frontline himself and risking being knocked unconscious partway through the battle. I know there are high-charisma cleric builds that include a paladin splash, but if you're maxing charisma at the expense of physical stats then this character is (even) less fit than the average cleric to man the frontline and would gain (even) less than a normal cleric from a fighter/paladin splash.

    Arcane trickster is a solid choice for a party like yours that is low on skill points, but I'd also suggest adding a bard as your fifth party member. Their party-wide bonuses would be very helpful given the number of summons/animals you're going to have, and their high charisma would be handy for a MC. Moreover it's advisable to have 2+ characters who are good at perception and trickery so you won't have to reload much (or remember to return to areas after leveling up). If you went with thundercaller rather than a vanilla bard, you'd also gain a nearly inexhaustible source of sonic damage that bypasses enemy spell resistance, which might not seem like much but can really add up over time against some of the game's high-SR bosses.

    Finally you mention potentially adding a monster tactician to your party. They're strong, for sure, but the role they will is fairly similar to the herald caller so it isn't clear you'd want both in the same party (unless you just like having a ton of summons).

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