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    import character from save game

    I keep looking (and failing) to find the Import button at character creation. Wouldn't it be one of the easier features to add to the game, since all of the data is right there in the save game file already? Just load it up, then finish at the last stage of character creation where you click the final button to accept all input. Otherwise, back up and modify a setting or two, just like normal character creation.

    I keep a text file with every setting (including hair color) that I can look at side-by-side during manual character creation.

    An import feature would be great.

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    Unfortunately, we didn't make this feature for the game, but that's a great suggestion, we already got it from some players. I will pass it to the devs for sure, so they will see how many people want it.

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    Please add this feature to the game. It is sorely needed. It would also be nice to allow this for the DLC, so we can use our characters outside of the main campaign.

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