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    What Day Is It Again? (Small Rant)

    Kingmaker, baby, I love you so much but sometimes you just drive me up a wall.

    If you are going to have a quest that starts on a particular day of the week, AND you are inexplicably not going to have a "wait until the appointed time" dialog option, then honey can you please make "what day of the week is it right now?" information that can be accessed from... literally anywhere except hovering over the pause button while in a zone? Especially for the benefit of those of us who can't remember which real-world day "Oathday" is.

    'Cause you are my favorite game right now, but having to camp, enter a zone and check the day, leave the zone, camp, etc. over and over really strained our relationship.

    But then I forgave you, because the rest of Season of Bloom was amazing. Still, maybe think about how you can do better in the future?

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    Thank you! Added to the list of suggestions :)

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