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    I love this game but my god the bugs....

    I really like this game so I still play even though there are some serious (blockers) bugs.

    - Resting in the fangberry area on the first few day of the 90 day timer sometimes prompts the main mission failed game over

    - Reveal territory sometimes disappears and is inaccessible (the plains that get revealed for the fangberry quest is no longer shown on the traveling map

    - Having lots or character portraits in the pictures folder makes the game unstable and will fail to progress through any loading screen 75% of the time (had to remove about 200 pics before this was fixed)

    - The game crash results in a full system restart. CRTL ALT DELETE and ALT F4 have no effects 99% of the time and the 1% of the time you are able to close the game after a crash the system will chug so bad you have to restart anyway (my be related to the pictures issue above)

    - Battles when character are all bunched up makes it very arte to target or know what character have as a target

    - Autosave and Quick save does not apply to individual save but the save folder a a whole so if you run multiple characters and use quick save/auto save then it'll start deleting the save from the other characters games (I lost hours worth of gameplay from my other characters play before I realised this)

    - So sub faction class descriptions uses the main class description which has abilities that are not available to the sub class (the fighter variant of the kinetics class makes it seem like they get blasts too)

    I'm only on game day 4 so who knows what other things will crop up.
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    Please, send us bug reports with all additional files (saves, log, description, and screenshot), when you face a bug. We cannot fix it if we are not able to reproduce a bug here, and some of the bugs just can roll occasionally, so we may never know if you don't send us a report.
    In most of the situations, you can send us a bug-report straight from the game via F11.
    For all other cases, please read the instruction:

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    I'll turn on logging tonight.

    I already sent the locations vanishing on the travel map via F11.

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