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    You've failed to complete your quest in time...

    I'm doing the fangberry quest, ok so i make a campfire or two, what quest did I fail that ends my game?

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    The main quest one. You have 90 days to defeat the Stag Lord and report to Jamandi Aldori. Completing it within 70 days will give you a magical Dueling Sword as a bonus. But failing to complete the quest on time will automatically give you a Game Over screen.

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    I was on day 4 of the 90 days

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    The game-ending secret timers are the worst idea ever. Like failing to rest your characters, your kingdom should suffer penalties when you miss deadlines. Ending the game is like killing off the characters because they forgot to sleep on a proper schedule.

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    Enemies don't always wait for good adventurers to finish exploring every corner of the map. They too have an agenda to complete.
    In my opinion there should be more of these in time, maybe ending up at the same time and having to make the difficult choice of one with respect to the other and both having consequences makes the game more realistic and exciting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maledon View Post
    I'm doing the fangberry quest, ok so i make a campfire or two, what quest did I fail that ends my game?
    If you are in day 4 of 90 then it surely is NOT mainquest.
    BUT you need to head back to Oleg's ASAP after you gather berries, or they spoil. If you fail that quest you can try it again and again untill you manage to do it.
    Moonradish is kind of different thing, you actually CAN spoil that quest (destroy all radishes) but then, that is experience on it's own. So playing game multiple times make different things happen during same quest even depending your choices, aligment, rolls and party members.
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    Despite what you might think Pathfinder, I am not a moron.

    This was not the fangberry mission failing and it does not bring a popup saying the game is over because time ran out when you fail the fangberry quest.

    Reloading the game fixed it - It is a bug plain and simple.
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