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    Question about Swordlord

    Hello, I'm trying to build a Swordlord who seems to be a bit of a MAD class. That's the reason why I really don't want to take useless/weak feats unless I absolutely have to. Problem is that even though Thug(4) works with Swordlord in theory, his lvl 3 feat Finesse Training (A.k.a slashing grace for Dueling Sword) serve the same(???) purpose as Deft Strike which is gained by the Swordlord at lvl 1.

    So is Deft Strike just another Slashing Grace for Dueling Sword? I have heard quite a bit of people claimed it's 1.5x Dex which is stronger than the regular Slashing Grace, some claimed it's the standard 1.0x, and one person claimed it's 2.0x for two-handed which I heavily doubt.

    I know this is a new class, so please only answer if you have already made/tested the class in the latest version. I have already done my fair share of research about this feat on the internet, and it seems 1.0x is the case. But knowing Owlcat sometimes do it differently for balancing purposes (the description for it during beta was 1.5x), I want a 100% confirmation. Thanks in advance.

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    I just gained 6th level on my character (Aldori Defender 5/Swordlord 1) and received Deft Strike, and it does grant 1.5x Dex to damage. (You may want to select the image and open it in a new tab in order to better view the damage line).

    For proof, the breakdown for her damage bonus is...
    +9 Dex (as you can see above, I have +6 to my Dex)
    +2 Weapon Specialization (dueling sword) Feat
    +4 Piranha Strike Feat
    +1 Weapon Training (Heavy Blades)
    +2 Lord Protector (+2 unique dueling sword)
    +1 Lesser Gloves of Dueling
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    I assume that you are using the Dueling Sword with one hand? Thanks a bunch for the thorough breakdown

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    It's a little tough to say how accurate it is that I'm using it "one-handed". There is unfortunately no toggle in the game to specifically remain one-handed (as far as I'm aware), and weapons that CAN be wielded in two hands if the off hand is empty will be. However, all of my class features seem to work correctly and I've had no conflicts with being one or two handed with the sword, so as far as I'm aware, yes, it is considered "one-handed".

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    If you don't trust the displayed damage, I guess a test is in order. Take any foe without damage reduction and attack several times. If the damage is ever below 20, it's very likely 1.0x Dex. If it's ever higher than 24 (27 - 9 + 6), it's very likely 1.5x Dex.

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