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    "Beneath the Stolen Lands" - feedback/rant

    Hi Owlcats,

    I've been enjoying Beneath the Stolen Lands DLC but there are few things I am quite frustrated about.

    1. Is there a function that I can export/import characters I've previously made? I just don't like creating same characters over and over again.
    2. I've obtained 4 lore items for the Wicked Chanter then finally looted Rivel's lullaby off the Chanter's body. Since then, no other mini boss ever spawned, just Wicked Chanter 3 times in a row. This is really frustrating - basically, if the boss spawn is depending on RNG, I may never get other bosses I need. Heck, I've never even seen Captor and Captive throughout 12 runs of Beneath the Stolen Lands!!!
    3. On average, I am getting 1 lore item per run. 8 times I got 1 item, twice I got 2 items, and twice I got NONE. This is also starting to make the DLC a bit tedious, I'm just not sure how many runs it will take me to collect all items off the 4 mini bosses. Is this intended or a bug?
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    Hi, purpleblob! I've sent your questions to the team. Will try to find out the answers for you :)

    No, unfortunately, there isn't such a feature to export and import character builds :(
    And as for other questions - everything's okay and by design, looks like there are no bugs.
    And don't worry, you'll definitely meet the boss you need sometime!
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    Thanks for the quick response, Wooden Dragon. Glad to know this isn't due to bug, guess I will keep on importing until I get all 4 unique items.. really hope to see the Captor soon and the final boss as well. The DLC is definitely good fun but was getting very worried after I got Wicked Chanter 3-4 times in a row.

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