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    Can my custom party members be advisors

    I did try to look the question up on the search (not sure what to call the field beside the search icon) i would like to be able to make my own characters fit roles in advisor choices;. unless: I just haven't come across that as a possibility, i would like my alignment option to be like this...

    (4 Lawful Good 1 Neutral Good & 1 Lawful Neutral)

    (4 Neutral Good 1 Lawful Good or Chaotic Good & 1 True Neutral)

    (4 Chaotic Good 1 Neutral Good & 1 Chaotic Neutral)

    (4 Lawful Evil 1 Lawful Neutral & 1 Neutral Evil)

    (4 Neutral Evil 1 Lawful Evil or Chaotic Evil & 1 True Neutral)

    (4 Chaotic Evil 1 Neutral Evil & 1 Chaotic Neutral)

    (4 Lawful Neutral 1 Lawful Good or Lawful Evil & 1 True Neutral)

    (4 True Neutral 1 of 2 neutral types)Neutral types (Lawful, Chaotic, Good or Evil)

    there doesn't seem to be enough of those various NPCs that fit those personas

    Lawful Good Characters wouldn't knowingly side with any Evil characters or NPCs, without a good cause or the possibility for them to reform

    I could understand that some advisors conversations in-game might not happen and maybe that would break the game some how

    if that's the case the only other solution is to add new potential advisors (similar alignments), that fit those roles

    I hope that makes sense, I love the game, but i don't see enough npcs to fit the roles needed for the various advisors

    Thanks for making this game, I keep playing and replaying and still have fun, even if these ideas don't come into this game maybe a future game in the pathfinder genre

    (note) I got off topic slightly from my subject, it's more of a suggestion than a question(this thread eveolved while i was typing it, i forgot to change the subject title, before i posted, hope it doesn't confuse anyone too much (just an error in judgement)
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    Mercs can be advisors, yes, though there are issues if you go that route. One is that mercs generally have vastly better stats than the three in-game advisors so you'll solve kingdom issues much more easily than the devs intended. The second is that glitches can happen when using mercs as advisors, so if you're the kind of player who is easily frustrated by bugs then you might not want to go with mercs after all.

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