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    adding "end turn" in the windows log


    ok, PK is a real time game with pause and not a turn based mod

    in the top bottom windows log we can see lines like "end of fighting"

    but there is nothing that tells you "end of turn"

    ok there is an "end turn" pause feature but there can be others pause events (and the space key..)
    and you never know exactly what events trigger the pause

    if we check back what happens in a fight we never know where is the turn limit
    without the "end of turn" line

    i wonder why noone never ask for this feature . it should not be so hard to add it in the log

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    I can think of couple of reasons why - 1. it's not a turn based game 2. I don't see much value in adding that 3. if you want to play the game in turn based mode, there is a mod for it.

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    thanks for the reply
    1- ok with that
    3- no turn based need, it could be really boring for each fight and each character

    2- the purpose is not to mod the game but to have more intel about what's going on in the tactical fights (not while moving on map...)

    the game is real time but follow the turn-by turn rules from KingMaker so i think relevant to know where are the turns in the log
    it's only about game learning / mastering
    auto fight is usually fun but you don't ever understand what's going on and why, when you review the log screen

    I only want the game to tell me when the turn ended to undesrtand wich action was relevant with what
    not changing the game mechanic

    for example during the surprise round when you give attack to begin the fight
    some of the companions sometimes don't follow their orders
    and you can NOT see in the log if they act in the surprise turn or after in the first full turn fight
    and it would be fine to see if fighter need several turn to move (move / move + 1 single attack / full attack) or if i

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    I like to read logs as well to check rolls, infer stats, theorycraft solutions to AC and AB problems. The current combat log allows some of this, but now all.

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