I was working towards restoring the road of shields which I assumed involved the Bronzeshield and Silvershield fortresses. Then I find online that apparently a pre-requisite to restoring the Bronzeshield fortress is not allying with either party during Troll Trouble which I did. So Bronzeshield upgrade is locked away from me, silvershield was paid and built with road of shields in mind otherwise I'd have takent he other region upgrade so that's wasted and as Bronzeshield is a pre-requisite for road of shields I can't get that either. On top of which I'm 90% sure I did a restore the bronzeshield fortress opportunity back in chapter 2 so the BP on that are wasted as well. It'd be nice if the game gave a little indication when you chose X that your locking yourself out of other options that aren't directly related. Sure Bronzeshield isn't available as a region upgrade but silvershield was and that's useless if you can't do Bronzeshield.