So, I've been reviewing the evidence I haven and I've narrowed down my suspicions about Owlcat's next game to less than 4 choices, and the most ambitious of those is Wrath of the Righteous.

So, given that Wrath is on the shortlist, what do you guys most want to see in it? Take Nothing for Granted. Characters might be cut, Backstories might be Altered. Systems might disappear.

So, assuming that the next game is Wrath? What stuff from the original AP do you want to see most? What New Systems do you want to see? Classes? Races? New characters? Arcs? Things your Table did to expand the AP?

Personally I want a Lesbian Threesome with Irabeth and Annevia that's only available to Female characters. Also a Gay Threesome with Sosiel Vaenic and Aron Kir for men only. I also want Mythic power, and a more robust Familiar system. Having more feats and spells would be cool too.

I feel like there won't be enough Dinosaurs though, which makes me sad.