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    Honestly? Now that Mythic is confirmed, I want a difficulty level where all of the enemies are absolutely unchanged. But your player character does not have access to any Mythic powers or paths.

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    Sratagemini who is Nocticula?
    She is the Demon Lord of succubi. In the tabletop version of Wrath, you get to meet her, and she offers certain Temptations.

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    I would like to see the Stargazer and Crimson Templar Prestige Classes as they are very anti-demon flavored (and fun).

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    Riftwarden,Hellknight,low templar for prestige classes.TRAITS. A mythic path for arcane that isnt lich. Mythic path for gish(magus,Ek)classes, For races elemental kin, Dhampirs.Mod Tools.Meaningful stealth and other skills especially language ones.Mounted combat. TRAITS and TRAITS.
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    To play NG Dhampir on the get go. Pretty pretty pleaseeee.

    And more MC customization on appearance. Like height sliders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratagemini View Post

    also, I want to be able to "romance" Nocticula. And I want Mod tools.
    Then can I romance Ragathiel? XD
    idk, I just have a thing for the General of Vengeance. Or Empyreals XD

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    I'd like to see
    - A character build planner, to plan out, save and load builds and automate levelling up, number one desired feature.
    - New classes, in order, Gunslinger, Swashbuckler, Summoner (though i don't think summoner is likely).
    - New races, especially races that aren't' stock standard humanoids, such as animal races like catfolk, kitsune, grippli, tengu, lizardfolk, and maybe kobolds. Also dhampir and elementalkin.
    - Customizable AI
    - More skills, like Linguistic, Handle Animal, Disguise, etc
    - More mechanics, like light & darkness, poison use, fly, stealing, a more useful stealth system.
    - Mod tools to design custom campaigns.
    - Optional turnbased mode, but this probably isn't that vital because the turnbased mod for kingmaker was so good.

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    There are lot of succubi in Wrath of the Righteous :p

    Anyhoo, just to expand, Nocticula isn't just succubus demon lord, she is also the demon lord of assassins. Her specialty is killing other demon lords to absorb them to be part of her realm(her abyssal realm Midnight Isles is group of floating island formed from demon lord corpses, one island per demon lord she has killed)

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    My main hope is they cut down on the filler content. Sometimes less content is better than re-using the same maps in multiple areas with a single mob or two to fight. It was fine to duplicate some of the interior locations (i.e. empty houses) but some of the outdoor areas were over the top i.e. all the hill maps with a cave in the top right corner, the roads climbing up a mountain with caves taking you to the next path, the first world maps (heavily re-used). It is fine to re-use maps for random encounters though, that is just expected.

    Next wish would be is that don't do a repeat of the final chapter in Kingmaker. The difficulty was fine - it was just boring as hell fighting the same mobs OVER and OVER again across 3 maps which are basically the same. The game should have finished in the house of time.

    Also, more focus on fixing bugs, i.e. feats and spells etc. Plenty of the caster feats are still broken i.e. empyreal sorcs etc. I logged well over 100 bugs during alpha and beta and there are still about 20-30 of them not fixed in the latest build.

    The Kingdom management was generally okay and the highlight for me was building up the towns with structures etc and the events to level up the regions. Sadly I did not enjoy the events (mostly problems i.e. bandits) that repeated themselves multiple times, just remove them for gods sake, there was more then enough events already.

    Enemy variety and set battles need to be improved. Less re-skinning of mobs (i.e. wyverns and hydras etc) and more named human enemies i.e. mages - think of some of the mage battles in Baldurs Gate 2 for inspiration. Less number of enemies but more interesting battles.

    More prestige classes would be good i.e. Arcane Archer etc. The sheer amount of subclasses in Kingmaker was already amazing so no changes required here. Maybe Cleric could use a small boost in power.

    Next improvement would be to deal with the amount of loot dropped. Make it easy to get rid of the junk loot (i.e. non magical weapons/armour). Think about providing either an npc that can melt down junk gear into raw metal or who just provides a token payment (less than a vendor in town). This NPC would be available during camping (similar to dragon age origins). Save games become bloated in the second half of the game and there is even a mod that reduces the size of the save games by removed all the dead bodies which significantly speeds up the save/load times! Optimise saving and loading would be a good idea.

    Make timed side quests more obvious i.e. journal description of the NPC should stress that you should deal with it as soon as possible (bold text) or something. I didn't have any problem with this but others did.

    Itemisation was poor for the most common weapon types in Pathfinder i.e. greatsword, normal swords and maces. Kukri, sai's and duelling swords were abundant. There wasn't actually a decent greatsword until the final chapter in the game! Think about adding a crafting system for weapons if this isn't going to be improved.
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    I've seen a couple of people on Discord asking for:
    a Character builder that lets you pre-plan and auto-level.
    The ability for Paladins to Become Liches.
    Spellcaster Mythic Options that aren't Lich.
    And the ability to pick a deity for non divine classes.

    I'll keep posting things that I see on Discord here I think. maybe others can weigh in on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senko View Post
    Also if my casters have raise dead let me raise dead for a good ending to quests where spme poor NPC has been killed.
    This so much.

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