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    we need more racial portraits

    My computer doesn't seem to allow me to add custom portraits to be added(I've tried many times, I did have a Hard drive problem(it died), and I got a new one put in, but the same problem happens. it would be nice to have at least 1 male and 1 female of each race(the core races of the game)

    i'm not going to try to import any portraits since my computer won't allow that(don't know why and don't want to look into it anymore either) would be nice if some free update could have some new portraits(I know some get added with the dlcs sometimes, but I would like access to more portraits
    (sorry for my repetition, just how my thinking process works)

    It's a great game, just hope things can improve

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    I really do wish that Owlcat's next game will feature less human, elven and half-elven portraits. It's particularly impossible to find "Pathfinder lore-friendly" halfling portraits for instance. Especially so for non-thief builds. Gnomes being a close second.

    On a similar note: most (if not all) character portraits are drawn as either teens or young adult. Having more aged character portraits in the rooster would be appreciated. And with that I mean middle aged to elderly.

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