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    The game is missing a real spontaneous divine caster class

    I really love to play spontaneous divine casters in games like these, like I played Favored Soul in Neverwinter Nights 2. A shame there is no comparable option in this game. I prefer wearing metal armor and hurl around spells at will. Not a fan of fiddling around in the spell-book, so druids and clerics are out. Inquisitor is the closest thing, but they are stunted casters (max level 6 spells).

    A big hole in the class selection for me...

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    Really the options for Divine casters in general seems rather poor, comparatively.

    The only Prestige class is the Mystic Theurge which imho looks super interesting while planning, but really lackluster in game.

    The base Cleric has so far been my favorite, but it is a vanilla cleric, not too much to write home about.

    I ran a Crusader through Varnhold's Lot, and it did the job but it felt overall like it just gave up way too much for too little upside over the vanilla cleric.

    I've tried a couple druids but usually end up thinking, "Why not just run an animal domain Priest?" and then I end up re-starting into the same vanilla Priest.


    Comparatively if you want a warrior type, you have seemingly a million flavors to choose from - traditional full plate and packing steel fighters to nearly naked dex builds, a bunch of classes to choose from - Warrior, Ranger, Paladin, Barbarian ect ect.

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    There is a mod that allows you to play the Oracle class, which is a spontaneous divine caster

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    Yeah, it's too bad Owlcat went to the trouble of coding the oracle's class spell list without including the class itself. Though the oracle does have a fair number of unique features that would have required extra dev time (like the sorcerer bloodlines did).

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