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    Would you build the north narlmarhs settlement on Sellon or Skunk river?

    I'm conflicted here because I'm trying to spread out my settlments and I assume Glenebon is a pre-determined spot. I currently have a settlement in the middle of the outskirts, the default capital spot and one on the Murque River ford. I'm now claiming the North Narlmarshes and I"m not sure where exactly to place my settlement. I've narrowed it down to the Sellon River ford into Glenebon or near the top of the Skunk river. I can see roleplay and mechanical reasons to pick either spot. Right now I'm leaning towards a sellon river ford as its got a bit more supporting it though the Skunk river settlement looks a bit better on the map at the moment. Anyway I figured I'd ask if anyone had some advice?

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    There are no larger geopolitical forces at play that impact a settlement location, the choice of location is largely meaningless - save for convenience.

    there are a few ways to go about your settlement locations.

    1. put them an easy ride from your capital, especially settlements with crafter quests. you have to check in with them enough that having them close by can sometimes save a day or two of travel here and there. worth pointing out "easy ride" does not always mean "close" river crossings (and their lack) can make some some distances seem much shorter than they really are.

    2. put them farther away from the capital and use Teleportation Circles to get around.

    3. put them in strategic areas ie "border towns" so when you are finally exploring a new area, you can use your towns as a staging area and place to sell stuff.


    For me, I usually try to go with putting them within an easy ride of the capitol, most of my settlements I'm only visiting for the crafters anyway.

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    My view is, you should think about where you'd most like to teleport and then place the settlement in that location. Often that will mean being on the far side of a river and/or the point farthest from the location of your original settlement, so you can more easily satisfy quest timers over the course of the game.

    For the North Narlmarches in particular it isn't a bad idea to be near the Tenebrous Depths so you can more easily journey to and from that location. For regions that aren't on a map edge, you might choose a location close to an unclaimed region so you'll be well-positioned to explore the neighboring region later in the game. Or if the region is on a map edge, you can make a case for a more central location to help you more easily make your way around the region.

    All of this assumes you aren't using a kingdom management speed cheat. If you do use those, then quest timers won't be nearly as important (in fact you may find yourself skipping 6-12 months at a time waiting for the next ancient curse to arrive) and it won't matter nearly as much where you place your settlements.

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    Thanks for the replies I'm going with placement on the Sellen river.

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