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    BTSL: Can't Control 5th & 6th Party Members

    First off, disclosure: I'm using a bunch of mods, and I'm sure they're to blame. This isn't a request for technical support as much as me asking to compare notes with others. Owlcat, you guys are awesome.

    Anyway! I'm playing Beneath the Stolen Lands. Second party, I retired the first one after getting around 40 levels in and killing the Priestess. I just recruited/created my 5th and 6th party members. Outside of combat, I can control them as normal; move them around, toggle their automatic abilities, manage their inventories, etc. However, as soon as combat begins, I lose control of them completely; they still have portraits, but they act sort of like they're being affected by Confusion in that clicking them or their portrait doesn't bring up their hotbar and abilities and whatnot. Once combat's over, they're back to normal. They're not being affected by anything like Rage, Confusion, Domination, or so on; they seem to just be acting like allied NPCs instead of party members.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem?

    Here's the list of mods I'm using. I've tried disabling most of them, but the problem persists.

    Turn Based Combat
    Advanced Martial Arts
    Bag of Tricks
    Goblin Race
    Call of the Wild
    Visual Adjustments
    Multiple Classes Per Level
    Craft Magic Items
    Eldritch Arcana

    Also, worth noting that this isn't happening with the main campaign or with Varnhold's Lot, just the Tenebrous Depths.

    Thanks, all.

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    It's the Oracle's Curses called Tongues from Eldritch Arcana.

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