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    [Bug] Cleric scroll shopkeepers share inventory

    There are two bugs here:
    1. In Capital Jhod Kavken and the other clerical shopkeeper have identical inventory. If you buy an item from one of them, it is also gone for the other one

    2. If you buy items from Jhod during Act 1 and arrive to your capital in Act 2, both these shopkeepers are missing those items. I can even understand why Jhod is missing them but the new one should have his own inventory and have all the items to sell like you never met him before. But it would be also nice that Jhod replenishes his stock of scrolls at start of Act 2.

    I know this might seem like a minor thing but try doing a no cleric run like me atm and you will fast see that you need those scroll merchants to have lots of scrolls available.
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