Hey guys, so I just ran into a really, really nasty pack of monsters, and not having any background in DnD, I figured I would ask you guys for help and tips.

I'm playing on Hard/Moderately Tougher Enemies, and on floor 36, I ran into "Skillfully Crafted Golden Golems". These guys cast what looks like Prismatic Spray or something like it, I can't really tell because the combat log just says "Skillfully Crafted Golden Golems uses ability:". It doesn't actually say what ability they use.

Anyway this ability appears to either polymorph my guys, or just insta-kill them? There is a Will save and a Fortitude save associated with whatever they are casting.

Obviously my builds are pretty optimized and have good stats and saves to make it this deep into the dungeon on this difficulty level, but at this point I'm wondering if the game is just throwing unbeatable mobs at me or what. These monsters are immune to magic so I can't crowd control them (I don't think), and apparently they can overcome my most Spell-Resistant / high-save characters and just 1 shot..

Well I managed to keep 2 DPS characters alive and defeated this encounter, HOWEVER, my cleric got baleful polymorphed, and the Dragon doesn't have enough skill even with a perfect d20 roll to Remove Curse from her..


1) Do I need to just buy a new Cleric?

2) What are these guys actually casting?

3) What can you do to defeat these types of monsters?

4) Is this the game just saying "F*** You, start a new run", or what?

Thanks guys!