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    Thieves Guild

    I upgraded my village to town (right after troll trouble in chapter II) and want to build kobold quarters for my loyal subjects. Descriptions says, that I'll get +3 espionage if building adjacent to Thieves or Assasin Guild. However, I see neither. How to build one ? I really want to keep kobolds happy.

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    Your kingdom alignment determines what kinds of buildings your subjects will accept in your villages/towns. For example you need a good-aligned kingdom for an orphanage, a chaotic kingdom for a dance hall, a lawful kingdom for a courthouse, and an evil kingdom for stocks.

    My recollection is that your kingdom has to be non-lawful and non-good to create a thieves' guild. The good news is that whether your kingdom meets those standards is entirely within your control, you just have to avoid picking a LG/NG/CG/LN alignment at character creation and then make mostly nonlawful/nongood choices over the course of the game.

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    My barony is CE. I'm almost a NE, but still CE too. I ran several tests (making non-chaotic decisions) to bump myself to NE, but barony alignment still the same, = CE. Maybe it will synchronized later, but anyway I'm confused about requirements for Thieves guild.

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    Your kingdom's alignment remains static except for a couple of points in the game where it is set/reset to match yours. So if you move to NE, your kingdom would stay CE unless you advance PK's plot far enough to trigger the next kingdom "alignment reset".

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    I suspect that, but what about Thieves Guild ? I've found no information about it.

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