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    Balanced fights?

    is it just me or are the fights either impossible or ridiculously easy? There seems to be nothing in between...

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    Do you have a party focused on offense? Meaning two-handed weapons, dual-wield, ranged attacks, evocation spells.

    A dedicated tank like Valerie is a good balancing measure.

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    Are you talking about the storyline fights or the random ones as you travel around the map?

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    Often if fights are either super-hard or super-easy, then you have not covered all the bases with your party and are highly effective when lucky enough to fight foes you are specced to beat but ineffective against the rest. It may also mean you as the player haven't done your homework about which types of weapons, spells, elements, etc are most effective against which types of enemies. This can be especially problematic when fighting foes with DR or regeneration, where inattention can turn what would otherwise be a winnable fight into an impossible situation.

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    I'm talking about al fights. You can tell pretty quickly if it's an impossible fight just by looking at how much no-damage you do. Either it's miss, miss, miss, miss, miss... dead or hit, hit they're dead. The fight against Armag for example (I read it was supposed to be very difficult) was the shortest fight in the game so far; 1 chain lightning, the item that lets you summon 2 barbarians, both doing 100+ damage each on Armag => everyone dead in 5 seconds. There has been a couple of "even" fights, e.g. my group were fighting some fey, I think it was, and every one was just standing around, not doing very much it seemed. I was starting to think it was a bug, because nothing happened for a long time (no one did any damage). But, having experienced the miss, miss, miss... fights I let it go on (I was tempted to hit F8 several times) and then, finally, someone in my party managed to get in a very, very, very lucky hit. Fey dead, fight over. It's the most boring fight I've ever experienced, in any game.
    Yes, you are probably right in saying something's wrong...

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    It could be due to total concealment (improved invisibility, displacement) - it halves the amount of hits, which can be quite brutal. Check the mouse over at several missed attacks. The Blind Fight feat does miracles here and is accessible for everyone (no requirements).

    Maybe the attack bonuses are simply not that high for the level. There is a nice sheet at about recommended values. Check your current level and the "to hit" column. For a melee or ranged character your first attack each round should be at least have the green value as bonus (+5 at level 1, +7 at level 2 etc.). Blue is better, but often comes at too many sacrifices.

    Attack bonus can be boosted with a bard song, flanking, the Heroism spell, the Haste spell, the Weapon Focus feat, a belt of strength or dexterity (depending on what your attack relies on) etc.. Don't expect every attack to hit, though - a 20-sided dice is a very random thing.

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    I don't expect every attack to hit, but I expect some attacks to hit. When five people are attacking one person and the one person is killing you off, it's kind of ridiculous.

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    I have found that some encounters require specific buffs. Wisps for instance need Protection from Lightning and Magic Missiles. Some monsters are at levels above what you are ready for. This game is a sandbox. You go where you want within reason. This means you can walk into a fight your party will not win. You are just not high enough level. Though I enjoy games like this, I prefer a less Sandbox RPG. Kingmaker and Skull and Shackles are very Sandbox Pathfinder APs, Others like Rise of the Runelord are much less so.

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    Personally I just feel RNG favours low rolls I've watched the combat log over entire fights and its consistently rolling <10 2, 7, 5, 1 were the results for Amari's 5 attacks just before this post.

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