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    Half-elf hair color

    I am pretty sūre it is a bug. There is a very little of hair color option for half elf. You cannot be blond head... There is a problem here.

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    This is still the case since the patch. Even Half-orc can be blond head but not Half-elf. (When I say “even half-orc” I mean no harm against half-orc. I have a very good friend half-orc)

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    Still the case in 1.0.7

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    But half-orc cannot be blond head anymore now

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    racist hair color changes

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    Well they are still racist in the 1.0.10
    Is there a way to just show this to the owlkat team? Or this forum is the only way? I don't know how to report bug correctly.

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    Thank you!!!

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    Disappearing hair colors in the general are annoying. Just let us have all the options for all the races. More options is always better.

    I get Aasimar have wonky metal hair so their options are more limited, but everyone else just give us everything. Similar thoughts on hair styles.

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    I was more dissappointed with the beard selection of half-elves to be honest.

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