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    I can't reach Armag's Tomb

    I have done the search, and watched videos, but my guys can't find this place. The last thing I tried was to follow the instructions on the wiki:
    You can reach Armag's Tomb from Flintrock Grassland follow directions below:

    Needless to say, that also did not find me the place.

    Am I missing a per-requisite location/mission?

    I just want to finish this game, and get it off my machine. It is so frustrating.

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    Wikis/guides/videos for this game are unfortunately often incorrect or misleading and this is no exception. You cannot find Armag's Tomb by simply wandering in its general vicinity, you must do some prep work before you are able to spot it.

    First there is a kingdom management event that reveals the general part of the world map where the tomb is located. Then there is a boatman encountered at a river crossing who provides additional information. If you successfully resolve both of these then the location of Armag's Tomb is revealed.

    If you do one but not both, then you are in an intermediate stage where Armag's will be discoverable through a high-DC perception check. What you'll want to do in that case is equip every perception-boosting and wisdom-boosting item you have and then cross your fingers you roll well enough to see it. Remember as well that you can only retry perception checks when you level up so if you previously wandered around the area aimlessly, then you will need to temporarily abandon your search for Armag's until you earn enough XP to try the perception check again.
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    Oh wow. This game is so frustrating. I had put it aside, expecting a patch to fix what I thought was a bug.

    Thanks a lot jsaving.
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